Survey Results


This survey aims to study the data from young generation to investigate the general working environment,desired salary and preferred working benefits.The mean age of our participants are 20 years old, most of them are studying in bachelor degree with internship,fulltime and parttime job.They are mainly working in Large scale enterprises.

Working Benefits

The second working benefits desired is having new working mode, from traditional style to "Remote Work" which takes 12.5%. The other benefits options provided took identical percentage.

The most desired working benefits from the young working group (aged from 18 to 23) is "Allowance" which is 43.8%.

  • Allowance
  • Remote Work
  • Body Check
  • Dental Care
  • Employee Travel
  • Four Day work week
  • Medical Care
  • Special Leave
  • Year end bonus


HKIP observed that even though technology develops vibrantly, young generations would mainly prefer searching job from job searching platform (52.2%) which is more than half of the data collected. Social media platform (34.8%) would be an alternative during job finding process.

  • Job Search Website
  • Social Media
  • Newspaper
  • Others

Real VS Expect

The median salary of the young working group is $10,000 - $14,999. However, the expected salary is $20,000 - $24,999. There is at least $5000 difference between the actual salary and the ideal salary. Thus, the young working group is not having satisfactory salary return.

  • Real Salary
  • Excepted Salary


The participants chose "Attractive salary" (more than 75%) as the most strong rationale when considering a company. Surprisingly, "convenient workpace location" and "Promotion opportunity" only takes less than a quarter among the data collected.

  • People

Working Arrangement



Hybrid Work Mode

Although flexible working arrangement is not yet the popular trend, there are increasing trend among multinational corporations to launch 3 days work from home + 2 days work in office or even completely work from home.



Work In Office


The work in office mode is still the mainstream among different companies such as startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, government Department and large scale enterprises.



Immigration Decision

  • yes
  • NO


The majority of participants would like to immigrate (66.7%) while minority of participants would not like to immigrate(33.3%).


  • economic development
  • Better employment prospect
  • Workplace culture


The majority of participants would like to immigrate for better employment prospect (50%) and economic development(38.9%).