Why you should consider start-up internship

Why you should consider start-up internship

July 13th, 2021 | HKIP Admin

Doing an internship is something that almost every student wants to do, especially in big companies. By working there students are able to enhance their CVs, get to work in amazing and strategic offices, have intern friends in the same age groups and most likely getting quite a high amount of incentive.

But considering doing internships at different companies is also a good option, such as start-ups or SMEs. They may not have benefits that are tempting like big companies, however it is worth a shot to try doing a summer internship or part time job there. Here are a few reasons why you should do it.


1. Higher chances of getting the internship position

A lot of people are interested in applying for internships in large companies. Even if there are more internship spaces this also means that there are more competitors and less opportunities. Which is why you should take the opportunity by applying to start-ups as not many people are interested in applying there. Also unlike big companies which have a certain specific requirement for their interns, start-ups are more flexible. If you can make the right first impression then you will most likely be able to get the internship position.


2. Learn to have bigger responsibilities

As start-ups are mostly new companies, they will really value time and resources. This means that you will be able to work hand-in-hand with important projects even at the start of your internship. You will then be able to require insights about real experience and teamwork which will give you extra confidence. This valuable experience will also be a good help when you want to apply for your first full time job, as not all people will have this experience before they graduate.


3. Gain insights about how organizations run

By working in a large company you will have many other interns and employees, which limits your exposure. This means it will be hard for them to get knowledge other than business functions. While start-ups form from a smaller team meaning they will need you to help them in many aspects of business, thus allowing you to gain more experience about business. Start-ups tend to want their employees to be involved with the decision making which is why doing an internship with them will allow you to have plenty of experience in doing different things.


4. Easier to get feedback

By working in a start-up environment you will work closely with senior colleagues because there are less people. This will make it easier to get feedback from your colleagues as you already have a good relationship with them. You also have the experience of working in different tasks and job functions thus making it easier for them to give good feedback to you. These feedbacks will be helpful when you want to apply for jobs in the future.


5. Gain experience in different work culture

Usually in big companies, people will wear full business attire and work inside cubicles, but it is a different case for start-ups. In start-ups, people usually wear business casual clothes and have a more open office type. They usually work together on a big round table, from the founder to even the interns. So if you are interested in working in a more flexible environment, you might consider applying for an internship position at start-ups.


6. Interact with employees with different positions

In a large corporation, you will find many other interns just like you, which is why you will most likely only be hanging out with them as your internship program is already planned. This will then limit you from interacting with other employees with different positions. In a start-up, you will eventually work with full time employees as there are not many interns there. This will allow you to get suggestions and information from someone more experienced in that particular field. You can also create a network that will be useful for you in the future.


7. Acquire an informal hiring experience

What is meant by having an informal hiring experience is not that start-ups is less professional than corporations. Corporations usually have a fixed period of internships and they have more rounds of interviews. They also have a strict academic requirement like a certain minimum of GPA and what universities that they want to hire from. This causes a lot of people to get eliminated from the candidate list. However in start-ups, the hiring process will most likely be more flexible and they usually hire throughout the year. Their interview process tends to be more casual and they don’t stick to a certain number of grades. Start-ups tend to focus on your ability to be able to do the task well rather than your academic background. 



There is nothing wrong in applying to large corporations and start-ups, it all depends on what your goal is in the future. The main difference between these two are their working environment and the different type of task assigned to you. Getting an internship in large companies will help you build your way to work in the world’s largest companies in the future. However if you are interested in making your own business or even helping a company grow from zero to hero, then doing an internship program at start-ups will definitely be a good start. 


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