Sharing Session 5

Sharing Session 5

August 2nd, 2021 | HKIP Admin

Interested to join this 2 amazing companies? Know more about their environment!

1. vibefam

Covid-19 has been around for quite some time now, does everyone still have the habit of doing exercise? Is there any way to know that everyone has gone to the gym room or yoga hall to exercise?

Today, let’s introduce Vibefam, a start up in Singapore dedicated to fitness booking! The founder, Serene, is also a fitness enthusiast. She realized that many of her friends left the industry because there were no suitable booking solutions which forced everyone to use the wrong app and spent more money. Serene aspired to provide a solution to help the fitness industry deal with booking matters, as well as providing a communication platform to link fitness enthusiasts.

What does it take for a Fitness-related company to do things? Serene says her company is more focused on community and communication, so the work climate is very dynamic, and people gather from time to time to improve communication between colleagues. For Internship students, Serene wants them to have a modest heart and be willing to learn. But to open up new markets, they will face many different challenges, so he also hopes that students are willing to work hard to achieve the goal! Compared to large companies, as Vibefam is a Start-up internship, students will have more opportunities to understand the operation of the entire company, and learn how to make decisions for the whole company. As such, there will be more interesting things students will get!

Serene’s company will not have an easy time in the near future. While many Gym rooms and Studios survived the cold winter (Covid-19 pandemic), it is still difficult for Vibefam to find and develop customers. But instead of giving up, Serene became more aware of the difficulties faced by small businesses within the fitness industry. As such, she shifted her target and tried to get them to use her service. For example, she helps them shift from face-to-face sports class to virtual class and uses platforms such as Zoom to hold online classes. Thanks to this approach, Serene slowly managed to accumulate customers. Now the virtual office environment allows Vibefam to spend less on paying rent, and use the savings for market development.

Another difficulty facing Vibefam is competition. In fact, there are already some platforms on the market that provide similar services for other industries. However, the Fitness industry does not have a dedicated platform. As a start-up, Serene thinks this is their main difficulty, yet it is also an opportunity! Vibefam allows customers to not have to pay for unwanted features, but also to provide customers with comprehensive technical support!

If you, your friends or even acquaintances are interested in the fitness industry, you may want to pay attention to Vibefam! Maybe you can become a colleague to a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts! If you’re interested, quickly go to our HKIP website to see Vibefam’s job openings!


2. NEXEN Workshop

Co-working space is an indispensable presence for many start-ups as they can offer places and facilities to start-ups as they provide offices at a lower price, and other new starting companies don’t have to pay for the expensive rental land. The company we’re introducing today is a co-working space in Hong Kong called NEXEN Workshop.

NEXEN Workshop itself was founded in 2016 at Los Angeles, USA as a real estate development company that focused on life, work and play. However due to the Covid-19 outbreak this year, the founder stayed in Hong Kong and found out that Hong Kong rent is way more expensive.He realized that many offices need to do sampling, crafting and other processes. They need more space and equipment, which is why the founder is inspired to set up NEXEN Workshop in Hong Kong.

Community Manager Harry says the word NEXEN actually means Next Generation, and they want to create a business by providing a working space for the next generation of entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and others.

Harry says all of their employees are young and energetic, and that the purpose of being serious and relaxed is to fill them with a happy work atmosphere. They are also familiar with different categories and backgrounds of employees as they treasure diversity.

As for pleasing employees they expect candidates will be willing to immerse themselves in the work environment, because many times a lot of fresh graduates want to have a job but lack the enthusiasm as there is not much to gain. Learning process is autonomous, and without enthusiasm  it is difficult to have motivation. They want their employees to really be part-time workers in order to learn from them and benefit themselves.

Harry knows that although Hong Kong has a lot of shared workspaces and competition, unlike other co-working spaces they don’t transfer rents to corporate tenants because they’ve bought a place where they are landlord and they are also an opener, and the parent company’s superport, and the boss will work on their own, so they can reduce a lot of unnecessary cleaning costs and they don’t have to put the pressure on tenants to reduce rental costs.

The most special feature is their charging model, which differs from the average co-working space, which calculates rents on a head-to-head basis. Because they think that if a start-up hires people, the rent will rise because there are more individuals, but the space used has not changed, so they hope to provide a fair and flexible solution to the customer company.

Finally, Harry wants to say “There is always more than one way for you to achieve your goal.” You don’t need to pick just one way to achieve your goals, and the goals can change with your age and experience. Be patience because it is the beginning of a lot of things that needs to be handled by themselves. It is important to have patience to complete different things as well as different tasks priority, so that they are eager to complete the mentality and will not lag behind the schedule.

Do you feel that you meet the above conditions? You should go to our HKIP website to see NEXEN workshop job openings!


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