Sharing Session 4

Sharing Session 4

July 28th, 2021 | HKIP Admin

The Hong Kong Internship Platform presents you the interview session with 2 amazing companies for you to know more about real work environment.

1. M-Labs

When it comes to quantum physics or chip design, where do you think they come from? Did you know that there are companies that specialize in these things that are hidden in Hong Kong?

Today’s introduction is at M-Labs, a Hong Kong-based technology company.

The founder, Sébastien, began studying single-chip systems (SoCs) while studying in France, and in 2011 he founded Milkymist, the predecessor of M-Labs, which has been working on single-chip systems (SoCs) and Quantum Physics-related experimental equipment, developing software and hardware of various uses. More than 200 physics experiments are now being conducted using their software or hardware, and they have customers from all over the world. Have you wondered why M-labs is located in Hong Kong? Sébastien believes that Hong Kong is in a free, low-tariff zone, and has a strategic geographical location that makes it very convenient. It is a good place for the development of business. 

Sébastien believes that a friendly work environment and flexible arrangements can increase productivity, and  even in the IT industry there will never be crazy overtime. And Hong Kong’s unique geographical location makes their employees not only from Hong Kong, but also from overseas! The collision of multiculturalism and the enthusiasm for technology allows them to discover more ideas! Doing things in it should make them feel like they’re scientists!

For the technology industry, a product dynamic is developed for months or even years. The main difficulties revolve around how to find a new idea as well as expanding the market. M-labs focus on product development related to Physics and Engineering. To support this, their colleagues from all over the world have been communicating with other developers to help develop their business! If  students think they are passionate and creative about technology, they may want to join them and become the next scientist!

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When talking about Nike, their slogan: “just do it” will immediately come to mind. Their distinctive brand image was created entirely by the branding team behind it. The companies we will introduce to you are DSIGN which is dedicated to branding for their customers.

Annabella Zhuang, founder of DSIGN, a graduate of CUHC Public Communications, has worked on different designs markets and firms. She found out that many companies have one thing in common: they are unfamiliar with the Mainland market. Thus she took the advantage of her familiarity with the Mainland market and set up DSIGN in 2014 to connect Hong Kong with the Mainland market. DSIGN wants to provide an innovative, people-oriented solution to meet the needs of their customers as much as possible. 

In DSIGN, the work culture is more diverse, transparent and creative. It is because there are people from different countries working together, greatly enhancing the creativity and participation of the whole team. They also welcome more people from different backgrounds to join their team. Not to mention, Annabella welcomes students from marketing and other fields, as she believes that this will bring new perspectives to their business, work strategy and ideas.

She also wants to find ambitious, willing and eager team members who are passionate about the prospects of branding, marketing and design. She will provide them with mentoring opportunities to learn practical skills and leadership skills.


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