Sharing Session 3

Sharing Session 3

July 26th, 2021 | HKIP Admin

Interested in working with these companies? The Hong Kong Internship Platform present this interview session for you to get a better understanding about these companies.

Janco Global Logistics Limited

Everyone loves doing online shopping but are scared of buying things from overseas because they need delivery. Overseas delivery may need to have a warehouse, but do you know how warehouse operation works?

We would like to introduce a local logistics service provider, Janco Global Logistics Limited.

Janco was founded in 1990 and is currently 30 years old. They had used both traditional transport logistics business such as air, sea and land as well as integrated logistics programs for e-commerce. This includes the establishment of semi-automated artificial intelligence logistics system programs to improve operational efficiency. Warehouse setups were done by AI robots and automatic packing, thus unlimited by timezone. This helps save wages, time and location.

This is one of the difficulties they encounter in the logistics industry, where there are large amounts of trade monopoly. But due to Janco’s many years of experience coupled with breakthrough thinking  and the use of big data analytics, they succeeded in competing in this highly competitive industry.

Janco is a company that does not only value customer service to receive appreciation and a good reputation. They do not give employees stingy rewards to encourage them to do better, which is why working there brings out positive vibes.

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Students who are shopping at that time, will usually ask the staff to help check the goods and there are no other sizes, the staff will quickly answer you. Have you ever wondered why they can answer that fast? Maybe they’re using the company we’re introducing today, and they’re Nedap.

Nedap is a long-established Dutch company and was founded as early as 1929.Their director Daan said in an interview that their main business was ‘focus-locking doors’, and then, with the demand and technology of the market, they transformed into the retail technology industry in the 1970s. They set up a branch in Hong Kong to cater for Asia Pacific’s needs. Their sales manager Francis points out that their mission is to take advantage of their proprietary technology which is IDCloud Platform to provide the right products to customers at the right time and place.

Although Nedap is an international company, they are of Hong Kong’s branches, with many local employees working there. The difference, however, is that they give employees a lot of freedom, without fixed work hours/work days. The reason behind such freedom is to empower their employees.

Of course, as the company trusts the employees, employees must also have a self-starting and responsible attitude. They must take the initiative to find ways to deal with, complete, achieve the goal set by the company. Employees can also seek help/resources from the company, while also keeping the boss on the sidelines. They also expect employees to have some basic skills such as marketing.

Recently because of the Covid-19 outbreak, the employees cannot travel as well as having face-to-face meetings with clients, however this obstacle did not stop them. They make good use of available technology to communicate remotely with guests/clients. This is to ensure that businesses around the world can continue to operate well. The same can be said for IKEA as they are also working hard to maintain their business all around the world and expect all services to be unaffected. 

Due to the competitiveness of the retail industry, retail companies such as large ones in the US must be able to adapt quickly to market demands and changes to adjust their businesses. When faced with unexpected situations, they have to identify problems as quickly as possible and adapt to them so that they do not get left behind. 

Finally, Daan also sent a message that you do not need to start a business. Instead, learn from experience, failure and perseverance then one day you will succeed.


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