Sharing Session 2

Sharing Session 2

July 21st, 2021 | HKIP Admin

The Hong Kong Internship Platform presents you some information about companies that you may be interested in working with.

Morgan Philips Group


Having said the background of Morgan Phillips, We believe there should be some students who will be interested in the company. Take a look at what they’re looking for now! 

Today we introduce a recruitment firm from France, the Morgan Philips Group. Charles-Henri Dumon, the founder, wanted to bring some innovation to the recruitment industry, so he set up the Morgan  Philips Group in 2013 and expanded into Hong Kong a few years ago in the hope of expanding into The Asian market. They have branches in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Their company’s mission is to believe that everyone is a talent, aiming to find the right job for different people, for different companies to hire excellent team work, and become a good brand. 

What kind of students are they inviting for an internship program? 

Morgan Philips Group is an international company with more expatriate staff, they want to be able to bring in students with higher levels of English and a broad perspective who can work with people from different cultures to accommodate students with different ideas. 


College students love drinking beer. However, they cannot have interest if they know nothing about red wine and white wine. Do you know how fun it is to work in a liquor company? Interested? Check out the requirements!

Introducing Toasst, a startup which specializes in helping guests search the most suitable wine and send them to the government.

The founders, Amy and Christina are both Americans living in Hong Kong for work purposes. They both love red wine and like to explore new wine, which is why they started a business about wine and liquor. With their own knowledge, they hope they will be able to share their experience and joy about liquor to the people of Hong Kong. 

Even though Toasst is a company that specializes in liquor, interns are not required to have a broad knowledge about wine. The owners, Christina and Amy, are Americans that have lived in Hong Kong for some time. They are slowly adapting to the Hong Kong culture and they would like to invite Hong Kong’s local university students to do an internship program with them. Students interested are expected to have strong cultural exchange skills, marketing skills, willingness to learn and most importantly are able to understand and speak English (even better bilingual).

Toasst understands that not many people may be able to search around the world for wine to their taste preference because of time, geographic location and money. Their mission is to bring this experience to them, according to each guest’s preference to tailor-made a box of their favorite wine, screened by the founder themselves, and then sent directly to the guest’s home, to satisfy the request of wine lovers. 

At the start of their business, Christina and Amy agreed that rents in Hong Kong were expensive, so they decided to use the money for more important stuff such as asking for different help. Hong Kong is a perfect place to start their business as there is some freedom but not too much legal procedures.

There are 3 features to attract and facilitate our guests including “Discovering”, “Experience”, “Convenient”. “Discovering” means they will occasionally go around different places such as France to discover new wine. Guests will also get a well-designed box so they will receive a premium and high quality product. “Experience” shows that each box will have 6 different wines, and each wine is handpicked by the founders themselves. They believe that each wine has its own unique story and it will bring its own story to the guests. “Convenient” means that guests only need to describe what their requirements are and Toasst will collect the wine that matches the requirements and send them to guests.

Interested in starting your own business? Worry not! Christina and Amy have some suggestions that may help you. The most important thing to start a business is to find someone with the same mindset that will allow you to support each other. With the right team from the start you will be able to solve any problem and face everything together.  Do remember that doing everything alone is very hard. Having a positive attitude is also needed as it is a foundation to success.


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