Sharing Session 1

Sharing Session 1

July 21st, 2021 | HKIP Admin

Are you interested in finding an internship but you have no idea with the work environment? The Hong Kong Internship Platform presents you a small interview with 2 great companies.

Netawork Limited

Have you ever wondered how your items such as smartwatches came about? In this article, we would like to introduce you to the manufacturing company, Netawork Limited.

Netawork Limited was established in 2020 to offer a professional Business to Business (B2B) business solution for vendors who find it difficult to find customers, even partners in the manufacturing industry and international enterprises. The Founder Andy Chow initially observed that manufacturing industry, although filled with big companies, is also a sustainable industry with big market potential. Not only that, he also wanted to bring fresh air to the manufacturing industry, so he began this business.

It was at the start of this business that Andy thought it was better to find someone with a Start-up Mindset to work with. As he has years of experience in recruitment,  it is quite easy for him to use LinkedIn to find like-minded friends to run the business together.

Andy really emphasizes work culture because he thinks it’s important for colleagues to meet regularly and maintain relationships. As such, the company often hold different events to celebrate different days, such as the International Napping Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, National Skipping Day, and so on, and it’s interesting to hear! They also welcome interns from different countries, such as Taiwan, and their openness reflects the characteristics of cultural diversity.

In terms of hiring, for internships, they would like the interns to focus more on enjoying the internship process and achieve work-life-study balance, rather than being very hard-working. For full-time employees, the company expects employees to have start-up spirit, hard-working, and good English proficiency, because many times they have to face different time zones, national corporate customers, such as France and the United Kingdom, to adapt to different time zones and communicate with them.

Although there are many different companies in the manufacturing industry, he thinks it is less popular, so the competition is not that intense, Netawork, as a service provider, has not taken it lightly to provide services that make its guests feel comfortable and suitable for them. 

“When you stay long enough in this industry, you will get something back.” is what Andy wants to say to everyone who wants to start a business in the future, no matter what industry. Starting a business alone or with partnership will be a struggle to start, but as long as you think it’s right, stick to your original intention/plan, even if it doesn’t necessarily happen, you can get something. Don’t give up!

Still don’t have the heart to apply? Don’t regret it later! You can find Netawork’s job openings on HKIP, so what are you waiting for? Go to the website and see!


P&S Academy

P&S Academy is a startup that teaches people to invest in property, yet the work culture inside is relatively relaxing! Lucy (the owner of P&S Academy) wants employees to think of the company as their second home, they can work from home as the work mode is very flexible. The employees did not get too much pressure and everyone got along well like a family. And from time to time, the company holds a company trip for employees to refresh and for them to appreciate the moment so they can learn to thank each other. 

P&S Academy wants to find people who can enjoy the process well, and they believe the most important thing is to have willing employees and interns, because they believe that only people who work hard and take advantage of opportunities can learn different things. 

Everyone says that it is “Mission Impossible” to buy a house in Hong Kong, but have you ever thought about having a chance because you won’t buy it?

The company that we want to introduce this time is teaching people how to invest in buildings, founded by Lucy Jiang, one of the presidents of the International Youth Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong (JCI). P&S Academy is a company that specializes in sharing and teaching investment buying techniques. They offer different courses and field trips to allow students to learn about different types of investments.

Lucy realized that only her self-taught knowledge is not enough to cope with the investment market, especially when schools have never taught how to do investment. This then encouraged her to work very hard to read and collect different information. She then met a Malaysian investment mentor who taught her the skills on investing, thus finally successfully buying her first building in Hong Kong. Even if it sounded impossible at first, with her interest in teaching she worked with investors from Malaysia and started a teaching company in Hong Kong called the P&S Academy.

When she first started this company, many people belittled her as it is not common in Hong Kong to teach schools to invest in property. This however did not make Lucy question what she is doing. She instead adjusted her mentality and took the time to slowly prove her achievements. Lucy believes that in this world there will always be a lot of different opinions, but as long as she is doing the right thing she will just ignore others’ opinions and focus on her goal. 

The P&S Academy does not only give students theoretical knowledge, they also provide field trips for students to see different properties and apply the knowledge they have learned. Lucy and the other mentors wanted to share different investment skills with schools across Hong Kong so that students don’t have to limit themselves in creating a better life because of their financial situation!


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