What are the ‘Sentinels’ personality type?

What are the ‘Sentinels’ personality type?

June 30th, 2021 | HKIP Admin

Sentinels share observant (S) and judging (J) as their personality traits. They are cooperative, practical, and proud of themselves. They feel comfortable with themselves who are very competent.

1. ISTJ:

ISTJs, also known as the ‘Logicians’ are people with the Introverted, Observant, Thinking, and Judging personality traits. A person with this personality type thinks of their actions carefully. They make up to 13% of the world population. They love taking responsibility for their actions and they are proud of what they do to reach their goals. This personality on the MBTI Test doesn’t hold back when they need to complete a certain task. Logisticians hate making assumptions, thus they analyze everything. They mostly rely on facts to accomplish their goals and have small tolerance for procrastination.

Laziness and dishonesty means disgrace to logicians, which is also why they prefer to work alone. They have sharp minds and think based on facts. They put their dedication to the fullest when doing something, which is why they can accomplish a lot doing the things they are dedicated to.

Some of the strengths and weaknesses this MBTI personality have:



  • Honest and Direct
  • Strong-willed and Dutiful
  • Very Responsible
  • Calm and Practical
  • Create and Enforce Order
  • Full of Knowledge

Logisticians hold a strong belief for integration. They hate lies as it is a counterpart of being honest and direct. Besides, they hold strong integrity on their actions as well shown by how hard working and how determined they are on their goals. They are very responsible with their words, thus always keeping their promises. They tend to keep calm and practical which means they make rational decisions. By creating and enforcing order, they believe their goal would be effective if every person involved understood their job desks. Same like Analyst personalities, ISTJs are proud of their wide knowledge, thus enabling them to apply the knowledge they have on different situations.



  • Stubborn
  • Insensitive
  • Always by the Book
  • Judgemental
  • Often Unreasonably Blame Themselves

As ISTJs believe in facts, they are too stubborn to receive new information that is not based on that fact. Being too insensitive causes them to unintentionally hurt others’ feelings, being completely oblivious about it. They are too bounded by the defined rules, thus making them hard to try something new. They judge everything and they will immediately judge people with different opinions. Combining all this weaknesses, they believe they are the only one capable of doing things which also leads to them blaming themselves if they fail.


Career paths:

Top Careers or jobs  for ISTJs:

  • Business and Financial: Accountant, Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst, Loan Officer, Cost Estimator
  • Math: Actuary, Operations Research Analyst, Statistician
  • Office and Administrative Support: Account Collector, Financial Clerk, Information Clerk, Postal Service Worker
  • Management: Advertising and Promotions Manager, Top Executive, Compensation or Benefits Manager
  • Architecture and Engineering: Aerospace Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Biomedical Engineer
  • Life, Physical, and Social Science: Agricultural or Food Scientist, Biological Technician, Chemical Technician
  • Farming, Fishing, and Forestry: Agricultural Worker, Farmer, Forest or Conservation Worker
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Repair: Aircraft, Diesel Service Technician, Electrical Repairer
  • Transportation and Material Moving: Airline or Commercial Pilot, Railroad Worker, Taxi Driver
  • Production: Baker, Butcher, Fabricator, Machinist, Power Plant Operator, Quality Control Inspector
  • Entertainment and Sports: Athlete or Sports Competitor, Sports Official
  • Healthcare: Athletic Trainers. Dentist, Dispensing Optician, Medical Assistant, Optometrist, Pharmacist
  • Construction and Extraction: Boilermaker, Carpenter, Electrician, Painter, Plumber
  • Media and Communication: Broadcast or Sound Engineering Technician
  • Education, Training, and Library: Library Technician or Assistant
  • Sales: Real Estate Broker, Sales Engineer, Sales Manager, Sales Representative
  • Computer and Information Technology: Computer and IS Manager, Computer Network Architect, Web Developer
  • Protective Service: Correctional Officer, Fire Inspector or Investigator, Firefighter, Police Officer or Detective
  • Legal: Court Reporter, Lawyer, Judge, Legal Assistant
  • Military: Military
  • Community and Social Service: Probation Officer or Correctional Treatment Specialist

Logisticians prefer building a long term and stable career, thus the most common careers they do revolve around institutions, authority, security, and established consistency. Usually the types of careers they do are military officers, lawyers, judges, police officers and detectives. They are also suitable for jobs that require identification and reporting. ISTJs prefer working alone, but if teamwork is needed they are able to state the role of every person. They are not suitable for working in careers that need emotions like service positions.

Full Time and Part Time Jobs ISTJs may want to avoid:

  • Actor
  • Photographer
  • Journalist
  • Musician
  • Bartender


2. ISFJ:

ISFJs or also known as ‘Defenders’ is a group of people with Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging as their personality traits. They are quite unique, as they are sensitive but also have excellent analytical skills. Like ‘Protagonists’  in the Diplomats group, they have the most altruistic attitude. They are perfectionists so even if they procrastinate they are able to get the job done on time. 

The have a chance of not getting enough credit in what they do because of their kindness, thus it is important for them to know how to stand up for themselves. Even with their introverted personality, they are amusingly social and has wonderful memories to be able to remember things.

Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses this MBTI personality have:



  • Supportive
  • Reliable and Patient
  • Imaginative and Observant
  • Enthusiastic
  • Loyal and Hardworking
  • Good Practical Skills

Being helpful, this MBTI personality shares all they know to someone in need, thus choosing empathy over judgement whenever possible. They are meticulous and careful, flexible in every situation in order to succeed accomplishing their goals. They tend to be very imaginative and observant, which allows them to see things from their point of view. Enthusiastically, they give full support to make a good difference in others’ lives. This enthusiasm will then grow to loyalty and hard work. They have good practical skills, thus can do something useful for other people.



  • Humble and Shy
  • Take Things Too Personally
  • Repress Their Feelings
  • Overload Themselves
  • Reluctant to Change
  • Too Altruistic

Being too humble and shy, it will take a long time for others to give defenders recognition in what they do. They have a hard time differentiating personal and impersonal things thus making them unprofessional. Defenders have a hard time expressing their feelings, they tend to keep things to themselves. They overload themselves with a strong sense of duty and perfectionism. As they hold strongly to their values, it is hard for them to change from how they used to. Due to their altruistic nature, they do not have the ability to reject people, thus increasing their own burden. 


Career Paths:

Careers and internship opportunities popular for ISFJs:

  • Community and Social Service: Probation Officer, Social Worker, Social or Human Service Assistant
  • Life, Physical, and Social Science: Agricultural or Food Scientist, Biological Technician, Forensic Scientist
  • Healthcare: Dentist, Medical Assistant, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Physician or Surgeon, Radiation Therapist
  • Education, Training, and Library: Librarian, Teacher Assistant, Instructional Coordinator, Childcare Center Director
  • Office and Administrative Support: Financial Clerk, Teller, Receptionist, Information Clerk
  • Personal Care and Service: Child Care Worker, Funeral Service Occupations, Manicurist or Pedicurist
  • Business and Financial: Loan Officer, Human Resources Specialist, Meeting or Convention Planner
  • Math: Actuary
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Repair: Automotive Service Technician or Mechanic, Medical Equipment Repairer
  • Production: Baker, Quality Control Inspector, Woodworker
  • Architecture and Engineering: Biomedical Engineer, Electrical or Electronic Engineering Technician
  • Transportation and Material Moving: Bus Driver, Flight Attendant, Taxi Driver or Chauffeur
  • Construction and Extraction: Carpenter, Electrician, Construction or Building Inspector
  • Protective Service: Correctional Officer, Firefighter, Police Officer or Detective, Security Guard or Gaming Surveillance Officer
  • Legal: Court Reporter, Paralegal or Legal Assistant
  • Farming, Fishing, Forestry: Forest or Conservation Worker
  • Management: Lodging Manager, Community Association Manager

Since defenders have good memory to remember things, they are suitable for jobs like assistant. However, they are not suitable for managerial positions as they are too humble. They are able to move along the structured hierarchy and they have a strong sense of practicality. Academic research may not be suitable for them as they struggle in generating new ideas and in grasping concepts. Having a desire to help other people makes them suitable to work in well-developed institutions.

Jobs and careers not recommended for ISFJs:

  • Executive
  • Management Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Actor


3. ESTJ:

ESTJs, also known as Executives, have Extraverted, Observant, Thinking, and Judging as their personality traits. They tend to follow their own judgement and are a stabilizer for others, knowing what is right and wrong, embracing the values of honesty. They hold the potential of being a good leader because they knew their surroundings and they have knowledgeable facts. This also explains why executives tend to stick to their principles. 

Opinions they gave out are weighty, hence they are willing to do even the most challenging projects and they are able to make hard tasks seem easy. ESTJs are able to work in groups too, however they will not hesitate to take action if their associates did not do well.

Some strengths and weaknesses:



  • Dedicated
  • Strong-willed
  • Direct and Honest
  • Loyal, Patient and Reliable
  • Enjoy Creating Order
  • Excellent Organizers

ESTJs are dedicated to what they are doing, they will not quit even if the certain task is hard. This is possible because of the strong will they have. They defend their ideas and these ideas must be proven wrong to be budged. They trust facts more than ideas or opinions, thus they always keep their words. Executives tend to establish rules, structure and clear roles. They are excellent organizers, thus making them capable and also a great leader.



  • Inflexible and Stubborn
  • Uncomfortable with Unconventional Situations
  • Judgmental 
  • Too Focused on Social Status
  • Difficult to Relax
  • Difficulty Expressing Emotion

Executives are too fixated on their work which makes them inflexible and stubborn. As traditional people, this personality type tends to be uncomfortable and stressed with unconventional situations. They have strong feelings about what is right, wrong or acceptable. They are proud if other people respects them because they are very concerned about public opinion. By trying hard to maintain their dignity, it is hard for them to relax. This all leads to the evidence of executives main weakness which is unable to express their emotions.


Career Paths:

Popular full time and part time jobs for ESTJs:

  • Insurance and Sales: Sales Engineer, Insurance Agent, Real Estate Agent
  • Finance and Management: Financial Counselor, Sales Manager, Hotel Manager, Management Consultant
  • Community and Social Service: Public Administrator
  • Healthcare: Dentist, Medical Assistant, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Physician
  • Military: Military
  • Law: Law Enforcement, Legal Firms

ESTJs are clear and straightforward, thus enabling them to go to any career path.They tend to stay with a single employer as long as possible as they have a high sense of loyalty, which is why they are suitable for working in legal firms. Executives feel pure enjoyment in organizing other people, but hates laziness and dishonesty. They are natural-borned auditors and financial officers.

Jobs and Internship ESTJs should avoid:

  • Artist
  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Graphic Designer


4. ESFJ:

A Consul, or ESFJ has Extraverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging as the personality traits. As a people-focused type of person, they enjoy serving the community. They are typically popular as they are a very common personality type. They are more concerned with their social status rather than analytical skills. Consuls are altruistic, thus taking responsibility as a serious matter. They spend most of their energy trying to establish a social order. They enjoy serving others, as long as they are valued and respected.

Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses this MBTI personality have:



  • Strong Practical Skills
  • Strong Sense of Duty
  • Very Loyal
  • Sensitive and Warm
  • Good at Connecting with Others

Consuls are great in managing day-to-day tasks, making sure their closest people are cared for. They have a strong sense of responsibility because of social expectations rather than self instinct. Also very loyal, they value stability and security very highly. They are also very sensitive and warm, they really care about others’ feelings and try their best not to offend anyone. Because of their warm personalities, they are also good at making friends.



  • Worried about Their Social Status
  • Inflexible
  • Reluctant to Innovate or Improvise
  • Vulnerable to Criticism
  • Often Too Needy
  • Too Selfless

ESFJs cared a lot about their social status and influence, thus it affected their decision making process which may limit their creativity. This MBTI personality are actually not flexible, sometimes very cautious and they are not eager to step out of their comfort zone. They hate being criticized and feel attacked by it. Sometimes also thirst for appreciation, they will indirectly ask for compliments and praise to know how much they value. They sometimes seek for attention which makes other people uncomfortable.


Career Paths:

Careers and jobs suitable for the ESFJs:

  • Education and Training: Elementary Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Child Care Provider
  • Law: Police Officer, Paralegal, Court Reporter
  • Healthcare: Family Physician, Dentist, Medical Assistant, Optometrist, Nurse, Surgeon
  • Sales: Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, Advertising Sales Agent
  • Office and Administrative Support: Receptionist, Customer Service Representative

Consuls are well-organized, thus enjoying bringing order and structure to their workplace. They dislike monotone and routine work. The perfect career for them is as administrators as they are able to organize environments and people. They need human interaction and emotional feedback to be satisfied by their work which is why it is also excellent for them to work in medical care and social work. Because of their altruistic nature, they are also a good candidate in working as religious work and counseling.

ESFJ careers and jobs to be considered to avoid:

  • Software Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Tech Support Specialist
  • Actor
  • Editor


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