How to Find the Right Interns for Your Company

How to Find the Right Interns for Your Company

August 26th, 2021 | HKIP Admin

Have you ever thought about hiring an intern for your company? If you never, you should consider hiring one! Hiring the right intern will bring a new perspective and energy as well as productivity while on the other hand you will definitely be a waste of time. But do you know how you can hire the right and most suitable intern for you?

Below are the few ways of hiring the right intern.


1. Have Relevant Experience

Interns usually highlight their achievements and experience in their resume. Having the relevant experience with a certain role shows that the candidate is really interested in that particular role and understands what he/she needs to do. A good candidate usually had done a small research about the company.


2. Are Able to Follow Instructions

A good way to know if a candidate is able to specifically follow instructions is by directly giving them specific assignments in their recruitment process. For example, you can ask them to submit their CV in a specific format and specific file name. You can also ask them to answer some questions and submit the answers before a certain deadline. This way you will be able to know which candidates are able to follow instructions and which are not.


3. Look for Curious Candidates

Some skills cannot be obtained from learning in schools, which make curiosity very important. Without curiosity, a candidate would not have the urge to learn new things, thus making them not hard working and unable to make decisions. Even if the candidate has no knowledge, as long as they are curious you can still teach them everything they need to know.


4. Good Communicators

It is important to know that communication is the key to a successful team. Thus, it is important to always look for candidates who are not afraid to communicate with other people. Remember that everyone may be able to send a quick email, however not everyone dares to make a phone call if it’s not necessary.


5. Have a ‘Can-Do’ Attitude

Keep in mind that not all candidates who applied for the internship are  interested in learning new things. There are also some who are just interested to earn college credits or even the salary. You must definitely avoid hiring interns who are not purely interested in joining the internship as they will just be a burden to your team. A good candidate is the type of person who will contribute and learn new things.


6. Good Attitude

Having a good attitude is also one of the important traits an intern must have. Experience is a good thing that a candidate can have, but without a good attitude experience is nothing. Even if the candidate did not have knowledge, he or she can still be taught to understand his/her job desk. However, attitude is something that cannot be taught, which is why it is better to have a good attitude rather than wide knowledge.


7. Enthusiastic

Even with less experience and knowledge, an intern with high enthusiasm can help bring excitement into the office environment. As long as they are willing to learn and explore, it will not be a hard task to teach them how to do things.



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