5 Tips For Staying Motivated For Online Classes

5 Tips For Staying Motivated For Online Classes

February 28th, 2022 | shi jingyao

Like most of you, due to the dire situation of the epidemic, next semester’s courses have been changed to online, how can the online courses be changed to keep us in good shape to be able to complete our studies? Here are five tips.

Tip 1: Motivation at the start

Finding motivation for attending your virtual class or doing course work is hard enough. First, find your motivation to start your day. Get up, eat breakfast, and get dressed in something other than your pajamas. This is something I’ve been practicing and I guarantee it will make a difference to your day.

Tip 2: Stick to the plan

When you get emails and notifications about coursework, write it down on the due date and the day (days) you want to do it. Tip 3 goes into more detail on how to determine what homework should be done on which day.

Tip 3: Prioritise

It’s easy to think that since an assignment won’t take long, you can finish it five minutes before the due date. This will only put extra pressure on you. We need to prioritize the important things to get done and plan ahead to be more efficient.

Tip 4: Find a good place to work

If you have a larger family, staying motivated and focused for an online course is not an easy task. Try to find a quiet place in your house where you can lock the door to escape the chaos. Also, try telling your family that they know not to distract you when you have to go to class or do work.

Tip 5: Try a virtual study group

Connect with other college students in your class who are struggling. Even if you barely know them, or don’t know them at all, everyone could use some help these days. Once you’ve contacted them, you can hold each other accountable and remind each other of upcoming assignments or video chats to study for exams.



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