The MBTI Personality Quiz

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The HKIP, City’s favorite Internship platform brings you the famous MBTI test to help you understand yourself in a more innovative way.


Personality assessments are used for assessing an individual’s personality via a detailed evaluation of their intellectual knowledge as well as behavior helping them to shape their lives efficiently.

You heard that right! Anxious to learn about it?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

What is Your MBTI Personality Type?

The measure seeks to assign the following categories:

  • Extraversion(E)-Are you energetic, socially active, enthusiastic or a confident person who doesn’t stop talking? Well yes, you’re an extrovert.
  • Introversion (I)-Bright ideas, great writers, good observers, silent and polite by nature who gain productivity by working personally on one task at a time and cherish being in smaller groups.
  • Sensation (S)- Best observers who believe in real time work and people. You probably love to collect facts and figures and use your common senses to generate a solution for your problems.
  • Intuition (N)- Predictor? Can you imagine what’s going to happen next? Well yes you exercise your imaginations and seek innovative ideas and possibilities and have great empathetic abilities to recognize other’s thoughts or feelings.
  • Feeling (F)-You are driven by emotion, you avoid conflict, you’re gentle by nature, you care for others and decide on the basis of your principles and values and whether your actions could affect others.
  • Perception (P) -Spontaneous, Adaptable rather flexible, all-rounder and can change easily without taking enough time and extremely tolerant compared to people around you? Then you’re a great perceiver.
  • Thinkers (T) -Mentally active and may a little bit of almost everything. Detail oriented, Logical and prepared.
  • Judgers (J) - You want things to be neat, orderly (think sequentially) and established. Wanting to get things settled is the major preference and enjoy finishing tasks.

To generate a four-letter test result, one letter from each category is taken, such as INFJ or ENFP.

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