Analyst Researcher / Developer

Job Detail

  • Career Level Executive
  • Experience 2 Years
  • Qualifications Degree Bachelor
  • Availability Available

Job Description

The key duties and responsibilities of the researcher cover the software development life cycle to achieve the said R&D activities described above. The research talent will collaborate with other members in the R&D team with background in both Data Science and Computer Science. These key duties and responsibilities are:

  1. Analysis: investigate and develop novel use of the FSL and meta-learning to tackle the classification problem in the profiling domain. The researcher will also identify key functional and non-functional factors impacting the target architecture with this novel use of FSL and meta-learning.
  2. Design: experiment and apply identified functional and non-functional factors into architecture design and detailed design specifications of the Chatgpt, machine learning pipeline and FSL and meta-learning for the profiling domain. The researcher will also create prototypes for hypothesis testing and selection of base-learner and meta-learner algorithms.
  3. Development: develop a functional machine learning pipeline, research novel use of available base dataset, and conduct model training/validation for FSL and meta-learning models for profiling domain.
  4. Testing: perform model testing, unit testing, regression testing and integration testing.

Required skills