The most comprehensive collation of job search channels in Hong Kong in 2021

The most comprehensive collation of job search channels in Hong Kong in 2021

September 3rd, 2021 | shi jingyao

For many people, it is really very difficult to find a job today when the epidemic is raging. It is the dream of many people to study and work and settle in Hong Kong. Whether you are already working ready to change jobs, or about to face looking for a job, the first question you should consider is: Where to find a job in Hong Kong?

I address this point, combined with the situation of finding a job in Hong Kong, to do the following detailed answer .


1. JobsDB

JobsDB ( as the big brother of Hong Kong job search site, these years is also getting better and better. The interface is also very refreshing, without a mess of a large number of ads.

You can search for jobs by job title, company name or some keywords of job content. You can also search by region or job function. Another thing to note is that the job descriptions on JobsDB are all in English and rarely in Chinese. So be sure to use English when searching for jobs, otherwise it will be difficult to match the job you want.

Similar job search sites include Cpjobs, CTgoodjobs, JiuJik Job Search (front line), etc.


2.Linked in

Linked in (, a global job board, the advantage of it is that many super large companies (like the Big 4 investment banks), in addition to posting jobs on their own websites, go to Linked in to post jobs. And you can rarely find it on other websites. Not only will the platform be updated with job ads from different companies for students to apply directly, but it is also a great place for students to get in touch with different company executives, network, attract Headhunters and find other job search related information.



JIJIS is very suitable for prospective graduates and people with no work experience to find jobs, basically the information will be updated every day, and the information in it has been reviewed, relatively credible, and will indicate the salary.

But here’s the downside to it: you have to be a student! And an undergraduate student at that! Student ID and password are required registration and login.

This limits the large number of job-seeking Hong Kong peeps, as most of them are in taught graduate school. But people can try to borrow the account of a friend who can log in, and some people have been applying with the school for this right. In addition, you should be careful of agencies that “blend in” to collect resumes.


4.Official corporate recruitment website

The official recruitment website is also the recruitment page in the website of major companies. Its advantage is that it provides the most direct and accurate recruitment information! And most of the real great enterprises, is not through the recruitment website for recruitment, only in their own website to post jobs!

In addition, such famous companies will also publish job information in the official public number. Similar to the official website recruitment, which requires job seekers to screen one by one according to their own conditions.


5.College job search platform

In Hong Kong’s major institutions will also have their own job search platform Career Portal, institutions will regularly communicate with different companies to communicate with their students to seek different job opportunities.

If the institution itself has a strong alumni network, there will be more companies offering more part-time jobs or internships, so students must pay attention to the institution’s job search platform to see if there are any special job opportunities that are not available to people from outside the university!


6.Labour Department interactive employment website

Labour Department interactive employment website as the government’s own website, its characteristics are in line with the policy out of a lot of special recruitment programs, such as the Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme, the Middle and Senior Employment Scheme, the Mainland New Arrivals Employment Scheme and government non-civil service contract positions and so on. It is highly recommended to check it out.

And as a government non-profit website, its purpose is to help every citizen find a job, and it offers more convenience than other commercial job sites. For example, the Job Pilot Program.

It aims to assist job seekers who have difficulty in finding a job through a one-month (30-day) full-time or part-time job trial to enhance their employment competitiveness. Participants in the program will be placed in a formal job with a participating organization for a period of one month (30 days).



The last one, headhunting, is what we often call a high-end job search agency.

The benefit of finding a job through headhunters is that they take the initiative to contact you and have a better chance of finding a position that matches your qualifications.

But it’s actually a passive option for people, you have to wait for you to dig you up and it requires some experience to attract high end headhunters and positions. So it’s not quite applicable to newcomers to the job market.

In a word, different people want to come to Hong Kong to find a job, each person’s background, stage, the nature of work are different, the intention to go to Hong Kong is certainly one of the points to attract these talents. I hope this article can help you .


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