Job Personality Type

Job Personality Type

January 7th, 2022 | shannon

Are you looking for a job, but don’t know what kind of personality is needed for different jobs? Job interviews can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t have much experience. The Hong Kong Internship Platform presents a blog for you to better prepare yourself with the tips below.

1. IT & Computer Science

People who work in the computer science field definitely must have an interest in computers. They usually are patient and are eager to solve problems. Most importantly, they love to learn new things. This shows that ISTJs are most likely to have the most suitable traits to be in this field as they are eager to learn new things. ESTJs are also suitable for this role because they are patient and dedicated.


2. Business

The best personality traits for someone who wants to work in the business field are the ability to collaborate and be future-focused. They must be curious and action oriented. INTJs are actually the perfect personality for this field as they are curious about things. ENTJs are also another suitable personality for this as they are bold and innovative. Other than that,there are a few personalities like INTPs, ENTPs and others that are suitable for this field.


3. PR & Marketing

Being in the PR & Marketing field requires you to have a strong communication skill. ESTPs are suitable for this role as they have a charming personality that easen them to talk with others. ENTPs have this persuasive personality that helps them market things easily. ENTJs and INFJs are also suitable for this job as they are hardworking and visionarily perfectionists.


4. Art, Photography and Design

People who are sensitive to color and sound are suitable for working in the art field. They are usually individuals who are creative and impulsive. They also tend to work alone independently rather than working with others. INFPs are the most artistic people in the personality type as they are full of emotion thus expressing themselves through art. People with high intuition and perceiving personality traits tend to be more artsy as creativity correlates most with intuition.


5. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs tend to be passionate and resilient. This causes them to tend to have a strong sense of self. They are flexible which causes them to be able to adapt to the changes and challenges that they face easily. Being entrepreneurial makes them visionary which enables them to see opportunities. Research shows that the majority of entrepreneurs have these 4 types of personality: ENTPs, ESTJs, ENTJs, and INTJs.


6. NGOs

If you have INFJ as your personality type, you might want to consider working at an NGO. INFJs are known for their unusual preference of meaningful work over high-paying work which makes them suitable for working at NGOs. They value working to make a positive impact to the world rather than working merely just for profit.


7. Finance & Accounting

Accountants are usually detail oriented as they need to highly pay attention to numbers. People working in this field tend to be highly organized and have straight priorities. They must also be committed to what they are doing as looking at numbers all day may be a tiring job. Surprisingly, accounting is a popular profession among the ESTJs, which may sound unusual as accountants tend to be a job suitable for introverts. 



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