7 tips for your upcoming internship

7 tips for your upcoming internship

September 14th, 2021 | shi jingyao

Finding an internship of your choice is not easy, so here are 7 tips for your upcoming internship to ensure you make the most of it and better help you get through your internship.


1. Look like a professional

The company you are interning for sent you an orientation packet that included information about the dress code, so read it carefully and prepare an appropriate dress code. If they do not send you information about the company’s dress code, reach out to your supervisor and ask. Dressing too much or too little on your first day can make you stand out for the wrong reasons.

2. Familiarize with the company in advance

It is important to have a preliminary understanding of the company beforehand. If you read up on the company and prepare some intelligent questions, you will be able to show your genuine interest in its work. It will also help you impress your supervisor that you are a serious and thoughtful intern, and will better help you build interpersonal relationships among your colleagues.

Getting to know the company in advance can also help you overcome your nerves and break down barriers. After all, everyone likes to talk about themselves, and asking people about their work is a great conversation starter.

Top tip: If it’s a medium to a large company, Google the company’s name and click on the “News” tab to browse through some recent news about the company.

3. Network during your internship

You can use your internship to build networks and knowledge – after all, social relationship management is an essential skill and definitely part of your future job. Through social events, like lunchtime with colleagues, are great opportunities to network and ask questions of your colleagues.

Use your time at the office to network and build relationships. Not only will this impress your peers, but it will also provide you with more knowledge of the firm’s culture. 

Internships also allow you to practice working with people you may not have been exposed to before and to learn how to work as a team. This is a skill that can give you an edge in future interviews, for example, when answering questions such as, “Can you give us an example of how you played your part in a team?” or “Tell us how you worked with a difficult person,” can be answered better from your own experience.


4. Get Involved

Coming off campus and into a corporate environment can be a culture shock and make you slightly uncomfortable, but enthusiasm can help you fit in and succeed. It will also help you make a lasting impression on your colleagues and supervisors. One of the most important things you can do to stand out is to be enthusiastic and actively engaged. Remember although that a few weeks is a great opportunity for you to get to know a company better, while the company gets to know you too.


5. Prioritise your workload 

You need to appear reliable and disciplined and be clear about the urgency of the tasks given to you by your supervisors. Remember to be on time and make sure you deliver your work by the deadline. Also, listen carefully to each meeting and always remember to bring paper and pen to the meeting. And be aware that certain tasks may need to be completed earlier or later.


6. Be a professional

Use your initiative to help team members with extra work if you are not very busy. Not only does this show your enthusiasm and understanding of the importance of teamwork, but also gives you the opportunity to get to know everyone. Beware of doing personal things during work hours such as personal phone calls, personal emails, watching videos, extended lunches.

If you go to a client meeting, remember not to interrupt the meeting and wait until it is over to present your ideas. Let those around you know when you are going to be at a client meeting or will be out of the office. It is important to let your supervisor know exactly what you are doing at any given time.


7. Keep a record of your work experience

Consider keeping a diary or some notes if certain aspects of your time with a firm grab your attention. This way, if you decide to apply to a company, this work experience can be very helpful in getting a job and you will have some ready-made information to use in your application forms and interviews. This will also come in handy when you edit your CV and add your experience to it.


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