Is It Worth Doing an Internship Abroad?

Is It Worth Doing an Internship Abroad?

August 11th, 2021 | HKIP Admin

If you’re currently looking forward to applying for internship, looking for positions abroad might not be the first thing to pop out of your mind. Of course, it is not an easy thing to do to leave the comforts of your home and move over to a new place, let alone a foreign country. However, the rewards from said decision can perhaps outweigh the early discomforts of making the decision. 

Immersing yourself in the culture, language and traditions of a city abroad will not only boost your career prospects, but will also open your eyes to a new international lifestyle, giving you a new perspective on life and your career prospects. Here’s what you can expect from doing an internship abroad.


1. You’ll gain skills which will truly impress employers

When your CV and cover letter land on the desk of a recruiter, it is important to have something about your application that stands out. Since a large majority of students now complete internships during their degrees, having experience working abroad will help to set you apart from the rest of the competition.

Interning in another country gives you skills in a foreign job market, which is something that many employers find impressive. Showing you can handle working with international colleagues and a language change is therefore a very good addition to your CV.


2. You will be able to develop your soft skills

It is important to have soft skills in the workplace. However, not many people realized the importance of having soft skills. For example, universities did not focus on training their students with communication skills and language proficiency. But by taking an internship abroad, you will have the chance to improve your soft skills and interaction with people from different backgrounds on a daily basis.

Employers often complain that fresh graduates that work with them missed important social skills. They mostly have the knowledge that they learnt through their time learning in university but they still need to learn to be able to integrate them into the real working world. This is why the best solution is to do an internship in an international office or even better overseas to grow your communication skills to fulfil the expectations of employers.


3. You will be able to gain connection in an international scale

Working overseas is the perfect chance for you to gain a global network of colleagues and mentors. Having international colleagues will help you learn about different knowledge and information that you have never known before. Due to the different cultures around the world, you will get exposed to different ways of solving problems and you will drastically improve your skills as you will try to handle things in an international perspective.

The other major benefit from joining an international overseas internship program is that you will have friends from different countries. Working with people from all over the world increases your chances to travel and discover different countries as you will have the reason to explore other countries that you may never even think about going there before.

The other significant benefit of having such a global network is the friends you will gain. Working with people from around the world significantly opens up your opportunities to travel and discover new countries. With friends in Paris, Sydney and Berlin, you will have reasons to explore the globe and the chance to see these great cities.


4. Chance to learn a new language

Even if you are not there for a long time, living abroad is the perfect chance to improve your language skills. You will get the chance to have hand-in-hand experience with the local culture, thus giving you more opportunities to learn to speak the local language. Also, you will be able to practice with your colleagues during work hours.

If you are lucky enough, there may be some free language course for you to take. This is a perfect opportunity for you to use your spare time on the weekends as well as learn the local language. Taking courses is also a great way to make new friends which also means expanding your network outside your office.

5. Chance to travel

Living abroad means a huge opportunity to travel. You will have the chance to travel to different cities or even countries near the place you live on weekends with minimum costs. Or even you may have the opportunity to move permanently to a certain country.


With this much opportunities and advantages, you definitely should consider to try doing an internship abroad.


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