3 Things You MUST Do Before Graduating

3 Things You MUST Do Before Graduating

April 25th, 2022 | shi jingyao

Class 2022, you did it! You have reached the final stage. In just a few weeks, you are already a college graduate! Wow, who knew four years would pass so fast?! Miss race day, have a big lunch in the restaurant (you know you will), go out with friends, Spring Break Adventure, etc. But look on the bright side – no more homework – wow! Oh, wait, you have another homework to do. Before graduation, you must do the following three things:

1. Sound the alarm!

Tell everyone you know that you are about to graduate and enter the job market. Friends, family, professors, speakers, managers, and anyone you know should know that you are about to graduate. You should not only tell them that you have graduated, but also tell them what you want to pursue, and make full use of the resources and contacts around you because after all, you never know who they may know!

2. Virtual network conference

I know, I know, you may want to skip this time because you’re tired of scaling, but please trust us. Arrange meetings with alumni centers, employment centers, professors, deans, and anyone you have a relationship with. Ask them if they know anyone in the industry you want to enter. You can contact them. Don’t just ask them to “remember you”, because to be honest, they won’t.

3. LinkedIn!

Open Instagram, scroll through everyone, and start contacting them on LinkedIn. You never know that the shy, quiet girl sitting in the back of the classroom may become the next CEO of your dream company. What are you waiting for? Now log in to LinkedIn and add them!

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