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Company Description

V’air Hong Kong is an environmental education organization with the aim of promoting low-carbon local tourism. Before 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21), Hong Kong Tertiary Schools COP21 Challenge was organized to invite innovative climate solutions. Tremendous amount of energy is required to power an airplane. Air travelling is a major source of greenhouse gas emission from Hong Kong people, leading to climate change and detrimental effects associated. Promoting local tourism is a solution to reduce large emissions from aviation. Our team came up with V’air and captured the champion. V’air was established since then and continued to operate till today.


“V’air” is a homophone to “Vert” in French, which means the colour green. It displays our mission of making the earth a greener planet. “Air” represents air-travelling. Combining “vert” with “air” means incorporating elements of green and travel. This can be achieved through offering local tours which resemble the experience of air-travelling. At present, V’air aims to achieve our mission of combating climate change through three main channels – organizing local tours, public education events and content creation. For content creation, V’air focuses on operating Facebook page and webpage. In October 2017, V’air published “Low Carbon Tourism (低碳。好行)” by Wan Li Books. The book records 39 itineraries in rural and urban areas with knowledge on environmental conservation.


V’air is generously supported by Chinese University Social Enterprise Fund, Sustainable Development Promotion Award organized by Environment Bureau, Gold Award of Sunny Passion Programme and Dorsett Young Entrepreneur Scholarship. We have also received wide media coverage from Mingpao, TVB and RTHK. Facing the imminent climate crisis, V’air is determined to dedicate our efforts as youth in influencing Hong Kong people to take a more active role against climate change. Join us in the journey of exploring Hong Kong!


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