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  • Mission
    We uncover the insights and strategy for businesses to achieve holistic growth in China and beyond
  • Team Culture
    Freedom enriches creativity & responsibility Freedom to manage and envision her or his mission increases the sense of responsibility to that mission. Intellectual humility gives clarity Only through the lenses of humility can knowledge be seen clearly. At daxue consulting, we are humble toward science and the truth. We interpret data in a way that lets it speak for itself, even if contradicts our hypothesis. Embrace change enthusiastically Similar to how markets are constantly changing, our mindset is also always evolving. We value routine only when it helps us improve and we value change because it helps to keep pace with our time. Knowledge is meant to be shared While our projects team dives deep to provide catered research to clients, the media team shares insights publically. At the same time, we foster a culture of sharing knowledge in our team, each individual works to increase their own knowledge and freely shares ideas each other. Our clients’ goals are our goals We see ourselves as an extension of the client’s business in China or their target country, hence, we advise them as if we were in their shoes and investing along with them.
  • Why Work With Us?
    We provide a flexible work experience with hands-on work. You will be able to make a visible impact by sharing your written research and analysis on our website and social media. You will also learn the basics of market research and framework for consulting.
  • What We Do?
    Daxue consulting is a market research and management consulting firm focusing on the Chinese market. We are leveraging a multiple-methodology approach in order to support clients’ needs, auctioning traditional methodologies as well as technology-driven tools. With offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong (as well as a commercial representation South Korea and France), daxue consulting’s team is composed of local and overseas-educated Chinese as well as China-educated foreign project managers. Our commitment to understanding clients’ challenges and base all our recommendations on data and insights have convinced more than 400+ clients to work with us and come back to us for new research projects. With a team of 30+ full-time project managers and connections all over the country, daxue consulting is able to cover China entirely in terms of data collection and research. Daxue consulting is often solicited in order to work on market sizing, market opportunity assessment, acquisition and target identification, and consumer research. We have worked with major international companies as well as for SMEs.

Company Description

Daxue Consulting (www.daxueconsulting.com) is a China-based market research and strategy consulting firm. We leverage a multiple-methodology approach in order to support clients’ needs, auctioning traditional methodologies as well as technology-driven tools. With headquarters in Shanghai, daxue consulting is looking for interns to assist with research and marketing needs in Hong Kong.