Are you a ‘Diplomat’? Find out more!

Are you a ‘Diplomat’? Find out more!

June 25th, 2021 | HKIP Admin

Diplomats love helping and giving support to other people. They share the personality traits of intuitive (N) and feeling (F) which makes them kindhearted to others. Personalities in this role including:

1. INFJ:

INFJ or what is commonly known as the ‘Advocate’ is a person who possesses the personality traits of: Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. The ‘Advocate’ is the rarest personality out of the MBTI 16 existing personality types. They possess a deep sense of idealism and integrity, complex, and versatile due to the unique combination of their personality traits. 

Advocates generally strive to do what’s right, and they want to help create an ideal world where others follow the same step as well. People with this personality type may feel called to use their strengths – including creativity, imagination, and sensitivity – to uplift others and spread compassion. Concepts like egalitarianism and karma can mean a great deal to Advocates.

Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses this MBTI personality have:



  • Creative
  • Insightful
  • Principled
  • Passionate
  • Altruistic

People with INFJ personality traits found enjoyment in the finding of perfect solutions for people that they care about. For this, they are supported by the tendency to move past appearances and get to the heart of problems, which give them the uncanny ability to understand people’s true motivations, feelings, and needs. Possessing deep conviction and passion, the ‘Advocate’ can be a very compelling and inspiring communicator. The ‘Advocates’ tend to think about how their actions might affect others, and generally aim to use their particular strengths for the greater good.



  • Sensitive to Criticism
  • Reluctant to Open Up
  • Perfectionistic
  • Avoiding the Ordinary
  • Prone to Burnt Out

The ‘Advocates’ would react strongly and become defensive to any criticism regarding their principles and values. As the very definition of an ‘Advocate’ is an idealist, they would be reluctant to open up to other people about their problems and prefer to keep it to themselves. This idealistic mindset also means that they’re hardly able to appreciate their own works and relationships and are always thinking whether they should seek someone/something better. They also dream big, but are also prone to burnout and frustration if they’re not able to materialize their dreams.


Career paths:

Some of the best careers or internships for INFJ:

  • Sciences: Social Scientist, Food Scientist, Genealogist
  • Business and Law: HR Manager, Corporate Trainer, Legal Mediator
  • Arts and Languages: Librarian, Translator, Editor, Animator
  • Education: Elementary Teacher, School Counselor
  • Health Care: Physical Therapist, Public Health Educator, Family Physician
  • Social Service: Counselor, Social Worker, Speech Pathologist, Clergy

The INFJs have the tendency to seek a career path that aligns with their values rather than finding one that offers status and material gain. Luckily, every field of work has job opportunities for people with this personality type. In fact, many ‘Advocates’ have trouble deciding which job is best for them because they’re able to imagine so many possibilities. These personalities may see 10 wildly different paths forward, each with its own set of rewards and potentials. This can be exciting but also stress-inducing, because picking just one means letting go of the other 9 choices. 

Some of the jobs this MBTI personality should avoid:

  • Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Sales Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Financial Manager


2. INFP:

The INFP, or which is known more as the ‘Mediator’ has Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting as their personality traits. This MBTI personality has a vibrant and passionate inner life even if they seem boring on the outside. They are known to be sensitive, especially around music, art and nature. This MBTI personality are idealistic and empathetic, and they share a sincere curiosity about human nature.

Mediators tend to always speak the truth, uncomfortable with playing pretend by not becoming themselves. They long for opportunities to creative self-expression and they are willingly searching for the meaning as well as purpose of life. Through limitless imagination, they explore their own inner nature. They tend to feel empty and directionless until they get attached to their purpose of life.

Below are the few strengths and weaknesses:



  • Empathetic
  • Generous
  • Open-Minded
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Idealistic

Being empathetic, mediators are able to feel other people’s emotions, both joy and sorrow. Due to this, they are always thoughtful and kind hearted. Their generosity impacts them to share every good things that happens in their lives, thus increasing the people around them. They are open minded, tolerant, and they accept others beliefs without judging them. Mediators tend to be creative, allowing them to see things from their unconventional perspectives. They are passionate about ideas that caught their attention, even if they did not say it out loud. Idealistically, they follow their conscience and rarely lose sight of their desire to live a meaningful life.



  • Unrealistic
  • Self-Isolating
  • Unfocused
  • Emotionally Vulnerable
  • Desperate to Please
  • Self-Critical

Mediators can be somewhat unrealistic, which means they will get disappointed if reality does not go to what they expect. People in this personality tend to feel lonely as they want to connect with others but they don’t know how. Even Though they have a good imagination, they tend to stay unfocused as they get frustrated by how difficult they find it to buckle down and get things done. Their vulnerable emotion may increase the risk of them absorbing other people’s negative moods and energy. As someone who is peace-loving, they tend to please others if someone dislikes them. Due to their unrealistic expectations they have on themselves, they will accuse themselves for not reaching that expectation causing them to be discouraged by their own self-criticism.


Career paths:

Best job opportunities for this MBTI personality:

  • Arts, Design, and Communications: Fashion designers, Graphic designers, Editor, Writer
  • Community and Social Service: Mental health counselor. Social worker, School counselor
  • Business and Management: Fundraiser, Human Resources Specialist, Training or Development Manager
  • Science and Health Care: Anthropologist, Psychologist, Chiropractor, Veterinarian, Physical Therapist
  • Education and Library: Archivist, Elementary school teacher, Librarian, Preschool Teacher, Professor or college instructor

Mediators dream of having a career that doesn’t only produces income but feels fulfilling as well. They want their dream job to be a calling, not just a job. As they love self-expression, being a writer is a suitable job for them. With their wide imagination, they are able to create a concept of fundraising and new life. The most important part is that they want their jobs to be able to help others, which is why many choose jobs focused on serving their community. They can also be adaptable but they are not suitable in working in high-stress work environments.

Full time jobs or part times INFPs may want to avoid:

  • Military Officer
  • Electrician
  • Financial Manager
  • Engineering Technicians
  • Judge


3. ENFJ:

The ENFJ, or known more as the Protagonist is someone with the Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. They love helping others, and they have strong ideas and values. Being natural-born leaders, and they can reach out and inspire others to achieve and do good in the world. They enjoy guiding others to work together and improving themselves and their community. They did not feel the burden in communicating with others. Protagonists are passionate altruists, they are most likely brave to stand up for what they believe in.



  • Tolerant
  • Reliable
  • Charismatic
  • Altruistic
  • Natural Leaders

Protagonists realize that they do not have all the answers to every question, thus they are very tolerant and they listen to other people’s opinions. They are very reliable, they don’t like the idea of letting someone else down. Their charismatic personality allows them to capture audience’s attention and uplift the mood. They are talented imitators that can shift their manner when needed. They are altruistic, meaning they can bring people together and do a world of good. Naturally borned as leaders, they have strong personalities and positive vision.



  • Overly Idealistic
  • Too Selfless
  • Too Sensitive
  • Fluctuating Self-Esteem
  • Struggle to Make Tough Decisions

ENFJs are usually caught off guard by a simple misunderstanding as they are overly idealistic. Because of their positive way of thinking, they give others hopeful promises and this can end up fatally just because they are too selfless. Protagonists are a sensitive individual, taking criticism too much to heart. They have fluctuating self esteem, shown by how they ask for criticism not confidence but more to insecurity. This also means if they fail to meet the goal they initially set, their confidence will surely fall downhill. Protagonists will imagine all the possibilities when taking an action, which makes them difficult to make tough decisions.


Career paths:

Top jobs and recruitments ENFJs may be interested in:

  • Community and Social Service: Health educator, Social Worker, School or Career Counselor
  • Media and Communication: Editor, Interpreter or Translator, Photographer, Reporter, Author
  • Education: High School Teacher, Instructional Coordinator, Preschool Teacher, College Instructor
  • Business, Management, and Sales: Fundraiser, Sales Manager, Human Resources Manager
  • Entertainment, Arts and Design: Actor, Art Director, Interior Designer, Producer or Director
  • Personal Care and Service: Cosmetologist, Child Care Worker, Fitness Trainer
  • Sciences: Anthropologist or Archaeologist, Forester, Historian, Psychologist, Sociologist
  • Legal: Legal Mediator, Lawyer
  • Healthcare: Athletic Trainer, Dental Hygienist, Dietitian or Nutritionist, Physical Therapist
  • Office and Administrative: Customer Service Representative

Protagonists love helping other people, thus it it easy for them to find a good career as most people need help in doing almost anything. As one of the strengths of Protagonists is being altruistic, they are suitable for social and religious work as these types of work allows them help others learn and grow. They are also suitable in becoming a natural HR administrator and other works related to serving the community. ENFJs are able to express themselves both creatively and honestly, making them perfect for the role that helps the needs of their customers. As they have strong intuitive traits, they are suitable for careers that need situational awareness.

Fresh graduate and full time jobs ENFJs may want to avoid:

  • Electrician
  • Mechanic
  • Military
  • Medical Records Technician
  • Computer Programmer


4. ENFP:

The ENFP, also known as The Campaigner is a person with the Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting personality traits. People with the ENFP personality traits envision big ideas and actions that shows their hope and goodwill toward others. Their personality shapes them to see life as a big, complex puzzle where every aspect of this world is connected. This is different from analysts, who see the puzzles as machines as campaigners see this puzzle in an emotional way. They are independent and thirst for creativity and freedom. 

Despite all of this, this MBTI personality knows how to relax and is capable of switching personalities when needed as they believe that everyone should express their own feelings. This also gave them a chance to easily connect with others emotionally whilst giving them motivation as well as support. They are also known to be very emotional and sensitive.



  • Curious
  • Observant
  • Energetic and Enthusiastic
  • Excellent Communicators
  • Know How to Relax
  • Very Popular and Friendly

As an individual full of curiosity, ENFPs like to experience new things even if it means to go out of their comfort zone. They tend to be imaginative and open-minded and they are very observant, they always notice even the smallest details and movements which may lead to something bigger. Excited about finding new things, they are very energetic and enthusiastic. This gives them chances to get more social connections which increases their chances of getting new information. They are also excellent communicators, thus enjoying both big and small talks. However on top of that, they also know how to relax as they believe having fun is as important. These traits also give them the opportunity to have a wide and diverse range of friend groups.



  • Poor Practical Skills
  • Find it Difficult to Focus
  • Overthink Things
  • Get Stressed Easily
  • Highly Emotional
  • Independent to a Fault

Despite the amazing talent when it comes to imaginative ideas and starting the project, campaigners struggle with upkeep, administration, and follow-through on project struggles. Also as natural born explorers, they find it hard to focus and keep their interest on a certain routine. They also tend to overthink even the smallest and unimportant things, thus making them get stressed easily as they are very sensitive about things. Campaigners think of emotion as a part of their identity, which is why they can experience outburst emotion overtime. They love freedom and independence, thus meaning that they hate being controlled by heavy bonding rules.


Career paths:

Best career ENFPs may like to consider:

  • Entertainment: Actor, Dancer or Choreographer, Music Director or Composer, Musician or Singer
  • Business and Sales: Fundraiser, Human Resources Specialist, Marker Research Analyst
  • Personal Care and Service: Animal Trainer, Flight Attendant, Skincare Specialist
  • Sciences: Psychologist, Sociologist, Urban or Regional Planner
  • Media and Communications: Interpreter, Photographer, Reporter, Writer or Author
  • Education, Training, and Library: Archivist or Curator, Elementary School Teacher, Librarian
  • Arts and Design: Art Director, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer
  • Healthcare: Nutritionist, Health Educator, Social Worker, Massage Therapist

ENFPs are really interested in new ideas, both in familiar and unfamiliar subjects. They have people skills and the ability to network and match the communication styles of their audience. They are able to work with others and are best in merging broad interests. Campaigners are suitable in jobs that involves human interactions and networks, which is why they are suitable in jobs about human science or service. Since they loathe being controlled by rules, they are not suitable in working at strict regimentation. Campaigners like to explore something new which is why they are suitable for working in media and communication 

Jobs not suitable for ENFPs:

  • Financial Manager
  • Judge
  • Chemist
  • Bank Teller
  • Flight Engineer


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