Internship Compensation Guide

Internship Compensation Guide

August 13th, 2021 | HKIP Admin

You might be wondering, how much should you pay for an intern? Deciding how much you should pay for an employee is not as easy as it sounds. You have to make sure you pay them appropriately without making yourself overpay. The Hong Kong Internship Platform presents you a compensation guide to help you pay your interns.


1. Business

Job titleInternship (SME)Fulltime (SME)
Admin, Customer ServiceHK$9,600HK$14,974
Financial Analyst HK$12,320HK$27,779


2. IT

Job TitleInternship (SME)Full Time (SME)
IT SupportHK$9,285HK$16,848
Network & SystemsHK$9,500HK$15,931
Software DevelopmentHK$9,500HK$21,733
Technical SalesHK$9,500HK$17,830
Web DevelopmentHK$9,500HK$17,659


3. Engineering

Job TitleInternship (SME)Full Time (SME)
Sales EngineerHK$9,500HK$18,830


4. Others

Job TitleInternship (SME)Full Time (SME)
Architecture & Interior DesignHK$9,500HK$20,301
Graphic DesignHK$8,452HK$14,417
PR, Advertising,Social Media and CopywritingHK$11,815HK$17,661


These figures however are just made to give you the big picture on how you should pay your employees. The figures provided are just the average number.


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